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Fantasy Sports Newly Launched in W88

It is a type of online game where participants create a dream team. picking players or athletes from a real-world sport.

The players/athletes is awarded fantasy points, based on their performance in the real world. The goal for your team is to get as many fantasy points as possible, so the challenge is to find the players/athletes that have the biggest fantasy points scoring potential. Usually there is a budget, which the participant is not allowed to exceed when buying players/athletes for his dream team. Generally, the better a player/athlete is, the more expensive he/she will be. For each fantasy sport there is a set of scoring rules, which determine the amount of points given for a specific type of event. For example in football, it is common to give 4 points for a goal scored if the player is a forward, 5 points if he is a midfielder, and 6 points if he is a defender.

Fantasy sports work especially well for team sports, like football, hockey and basketball. Typically, the participant picks one or two players from several different teams, and ends up with a collection of players that you would imagine could do better than the any real-world team.

Fantasy sport can be played with or without real money prizes and buy-ins. For those following certain sports, having a fantasy game on the side adds a dimension to the experience and makes it even more exciting.

There are two main types of fantasy sport competitions: Season game and daily fantasy sport. Read more about the differences in the question!

Game Rules

  1. Build a squad of 15 players, including 2 GK’s, 5 DEF’s, 5 MID’s and 3 FWD’s. or depends on tournament.
  2. You can select up to a maximum of 3 players from a single Premier League team.
  3. You have a 100.0M budget to build your initial squad.
  4. Player prices can rise and fall based on form and in-game transfer movement.
  5. A players Sell price is the same as their live Buy price.
  6. You can make unlimited changes until the Gameweek 1 deadline.
  7. Each Gameweek deadline will be 1 hour before the first match kicks off.
  8. Nominate a Captain and Vice Captain each week. Your Captain will score double points.
  9. You have one Free Transfer each Gameweek. Each additional transfer will cost minus 4 points.
  10. You can save a Gameweek transfer, but can never have more than 2 Free Transfers.
  11. You have two Wildcards. One for each half of the season (GW2-18 & GW19-38). A Wildcard gives you unlimited free transfers.

How do I register for a tournament to play fantasy sports?

  1. Choose the tournament you will participate in
  2. Create a team you will enter
  3. Click on the “Enter tournament” button
  • Prize Pool – Highlight with PURPLE
  • Minimum bet – Highlight with LIGHT BLUE

Reference of number above the picture:

  1. Stake amount
  2. Budget to buy player
  3. Player selected / how many player left can be select
  4. Set your ‘Captain’ & ‘Vice Captain’ to boost up your point
  5. If you want to know more about the match, you may click on “Details” button

Where can I check the tournament rankings?

  1. Click on “My Overview” in the top menu of the page
  2. Select the tournament you want to check the rankings for
  3. Click on one of your entries in order to open the tournament
  4. Look in the left column, the ranking are there

You can check your ranking on real time once the tournament start, as per below:

The features will let you know that your selected player before make how many score.

Ready to grab €1M prizes pool?

Transfer your money from “Main” wallet to “Fantasy” wallet and pick your dream team to start now!

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