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How is daily fantasy better on W Fansports?

Experience the daily fantasy sweat and live the vibe of victory

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) mirrors season-long fantasy sports but condenses it into a shorter, more sweat-inducing format.

Heart-throttling contests range from a day to a week depending on the sport. Competitors draft a player roster and those athletes earn points based on their in-game performance. Sweat the sweat each and every play. Test your skills and knowledge (throw down bragging rights) with friends or with other fans nationally. Let victory chase you for a change.

  W Fansports  Season-long
Draft a new lineup whenever you want
Pick from your favorite starts each week
Play in public contest and against friends in a private league
Quickly enter a contest any time before the lineup lock
Win cash prizes weekly — paid out as soon as the contest ends

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