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W Fansports Weekly Monster – GW 25 Captaincy Picks

This weekend we’re running a special promotion and have boosted the prize pool to RM366,000 to give you the opportunity to walk away with RM36,600 when finishing in first place! To have the best chance of doing so, you need to nail your captaincy.

Weekly Monster Gameweek 25 – Fixtures

Weekly Monster Gameweek 25 – Which fixtures to target for Captaincy?

As mentioned earlier, you get an extra point for a win, so we want to be targeting winnable fixtures for our Captain. The three that catch my eye are:

Liverpool v Everton – Liverpool desperately need a result. This will be a fiercely contested derby, however Everton have little strength in depth, Liverpool have a superb record at Anfield, and Everton will only get two days to recover from a tough game against Manchester City.   

West Ham v Spurs – West Ham are on fire and Spurs are on terrible form, so why include this fixture? The reverse fixture this season ended 3-3. The recent games at West Ham (including cup games) have been 2-3, 1-3 and 0-1 which indicate there could be a lot of goals. Spurs have an excellent record against West Ham. Also, Kane (9.6M) has 13 attacking returns (11 goals) in 12 games against them. Sometimes in the Monster, you need to do something different to jump up the leaderboard.      

Manchester United v Newcastle – this is the standout fixture for the week. Manchester United (despite a mini blip) have excellent attacking stats, and Newcastle are experimenting with a more adventurous style of play, which leaves them more open. Newcastle aren’t a strong defensive side and the stats show that they’re a lot worse away from home.      

Weekly Monster Gameweek 25 – Captain Candidates

TOP CHOICE – Fernandes (14.9M)

I expect United to win, which means Bruno will get an impact point, probably a clean sheet (CS) given that Wilson is injured for Newcastle, and he’s rarely substituted off (which means three points before any attacking returns). Newcastle have conceded 13 goals in the last six games with only two other sides that have conceded more. They’ve actually conceded less than their xG data indicates they should have, which suggests they’ve been lucky not to concede more. Most teams have a player that is either the goal scorer or provider, however Fernandes has the highest xG and xA for Manchester United meaning that he’s their main goal threat and creative outlet. He also takes the penalties and direct freekicks. If Manchester United score, he’s highly likely to be involved. 

SECOND CHOICE – Salah (13.9M)

Liverpool haven’t been awful lately, there have just been a few mistakes that have led to some bad results. Throughout that period, Salah has still been performing and has scored five in his last five. He usually plays the full match and Liverpool need to win this game, so that should be two additional points prior to any attacking returns.   

Punt – Kane (9.6M)

I tend to prefer captaining midfielders in W Fansports because of the additional goal and CS points. However, Kane has looked razor sharp since his return and he has an amazing record against West Ham. The majority will be captaining Fernandes this week and it’s worth adding a contrarian entry just in case he doesn’t haul, as it will really push you up the leaderboard.

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